Past Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement Recipients

2014-2015 awards presented April 14, 2015 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Mark Taylor - Department of Architecture
    Jerrod Henderson - Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Rachel Storm - Women's Resource Center
  • Student Awardees:
    Noah Lenstra - Graduate School of Library and Information Science
    Vivian Carla A Felicio - Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Project Awardee:
    Psychological Services Center (PSC) Advocacy Project

2013-2014 awards presented April 9, 2014 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Lynne Dearborn - School of Architecture
    Joan Crockett - Illinois State Geological Survey
    Jesse Miller - Department of Chemistry
  • Student Awardees: Megan Paceley - School of Social Work Catherine Corr and Natalie Danner - Department of Special Education
  • Project Awardee: Illini Mentor Program

2012-2013 awards presented April 30, 2013 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Brant Houston - College of Media
    Madhu Viswanathan - College of Business
    Martin Wolske - Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  • Student Awardee:
    Deirdre Lanesskog - School of Social Work
  • Project Awardee:
    Scientific Animations Without Borders

2011-2012 awards presented March 13, 2012 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Ruth Nicole Brown, Gender and Women's Studies
    Richard Jaehne, Illinois Fire Service Institute
    Christian Sandvig, Media and Cinema Studies
  • Student Awardee:
    Aaron Silver, Molecular and Cellular Biology

2010 - 2011 awards presented February 9, 2011 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Maureen Banks, Facilities and Services
    Julie Hengst, Speech and Hearing Sciences
    Dianne Noland, Crop Sciences, Horticulture
  • Student Awardee:
    Michelle Cruz-Santiago, Psychology
  • Project Awardee:
    SOAR After School Program

2009 - 2010 awards presented February 2, 2010 to:

  • Individual Awardees
    Reginald Alston, Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
    George Czapar, University of Illinois Extension
    Rebecca Ginsburg, Department of Landscape Architecture
  • Student Awardees:
    Laura Fierce, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Maren Somers, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Project Awardee:
    National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC)

2008 - 2009 awards presented February 4, 2009 to:

  • Individual Awardees Scott Schwartz, University Library; The Sousa Archives: Center for American Music
    Paul Adams, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
    Minosca Alcantara, College of Engineering, Women in Engineering
  • Student Awardees:
    Kerry Pimblott, College of LAS, Department of History
    Martha Webber, College of LAS, Department of English

2005 - 2006 awards presented September 2006 to:

  • Lydia P. Buki, Educational Psychology
  • Vernon Burton, History, Sociology and Center for Computing in Humanities
  • Robert W. Frazee, East Peoria Extension Center Illinois River System Management
  • Edward A. Kieser, WILL Radio and Television
  • WILL Youth Media Workshop: Development of Youth Leadership through Media Skills, (Team Award)

2004 - 2005 awards presented September 21, 2005 to:

  • Cheryl Barber, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education
  • Dipesh Navsaria, MD '05, College of Medicine
  • Carol Diener, Visiting Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Mark F. Testa, Associate Professor, Social Work
  • Valeri Werpetinski, Graduate Student, Psychology
  • College of Veterinary Medicine: A Pet's Place, (Team Award)

2003 - 2004 awards presented September 22, 2004 to:

  • Richard F. Bajner, Jr. , Undergraduate Student, Department of Health Planning and Administration
  • Ted L. Funk, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • Gladys D. Hunt, Coordinator of Program Development and Outreach, Psychological Services Center
  • Adelle Renzaglia, Professor, Department of Special Education
  • Robert F. Rich, Professor, College of Law and Institute of Government and Public Affairs

2002 - 2003 awards presented September 30, 2003 to

  • Michael F. Hutjens, Professor, Department of Animal Sciences
  • James B. Kaler, Professor, Department of Astronomy
  • Teresa K. Easterly-Adams, Macon County Extension Office, College of ACES
  • Umesh Thakkar, Senior Research Scientist, NCSA
  • Allen O. Eghrari, Undergraduate Student, Department of Psychology
  • Sascha Meinrath, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology
  • Janni Sorensen, Graduate Student, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

2001 - 2002 awards presented September 23, 2002 to:

  • Michael J. Andrejasich; Professor, School of Architecture
  • Ann P. Bishop; Associate Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  • Jonathan R. Dolle; Graduate Student, Department of Educational Policy Studies
  • Jassen G. Johnson; Graduate Student, School of Architecture
  • George C. Reese; Associate Director, Office of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
  • Philippa N. Soskin; Undergraduate Student, School of Life Sciences
  • Burton E. Swanson; Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
  • Cassiette A. West-Williams; Graduate Student, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

2000 - 2001 awards presented to:

  • J. Fred Giertz, Professor of Economics, Institute of Government and Public Affairs
  • Leonard F. Heumann, Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Craig A. Miller, Sr., Community Design Specialist, East St. Louis Action Research Project
  • Suzan Akin, Undergraduate Student, Department of Psychology
  • Jessica Lynn Philips, Undergraduate Student, Department of Political Science

1999 - 2000 awards presented to:

  • May R. Berenbaum, Professor and Head, Department of Entomology
  • Mats A. Selen, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  • Thomas L. Moore, Director, Psychological Services Center
  • Amanda Duff Keating, Graduate Student, School of Architecture and Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Timothy A. Shedd, Graduate Student, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Matthew C. Wenger, Undergraduate Student, Department of Physics