Chancellor's Public Engagement Student Fellows
This program provides small grants for Illinois students to partner with an outside entity, such as a school, government, or non-profit agency, to solve a problem or provide a service while utilizing their education and learning. For more information on this program, visit the Chancellor's Public Engagement Student Fellows website.

Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement
The Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement (CAEPE) have been awarded since 1999, recognizing faculty, academic professionals, staff employees and students who engage the public to address critical societal issues. Awards are available for both individuals and teams.

To view past recipients visit here.

Office of Public Engagement Grants
As recognized in the campus strategic plan (March 2007), the University’s vision is to become the preeminent public research university.  In today’s knowledge-based, creativity-driven society, an effective public engagement capability is essential to attain research preeminence as knowledge creation needs to be interlinked with broader societal needs and capabilities. Each year the Office of Public Engagement conducts a grant process for faculty, students, and staff to fund community-related projects, scholarly work, creative endeavors, course development and other activities within the broad framework of public engagement.

Information on the Public Engagement Grants can be found here.