Chancellor's Public Engagement Student Fellows

This program provides grants for Illinois students to partner with an outside entity, such as a school, government, or non-profit agency, to solve a problem or provide a service while utilizing their education and learning. Applications for the 2016-17 program are available now and are due by Friday, March 11, 2016. Here are the Guidelines and Application. For more information on this program, visit the Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellows website.

Apply today for 2016-17 Chancellor’s Public Engagement Student Fellows Program

Past Chancellor's Public Engagement Student Fellows:

2015-2016 Fellows: Aadeel Akhtar, Alberto Lara Valdivieso, Claire Merriman, Jeff Ginger, Meghan Fisher, Xiaoling Xiang, Kip Kuster

2014-2015 Fellows: Zonghe Chua, Natalie Danner, Suma Devanga, Asha Kirchhoff, Kamil Matejewski, and Ryan Singh

2013-2014 Fellows: Sarai Coba-Rodriguez, Paula Acuna, Julia Ossler, Maria Jones, and Kevin Wolz.

Questions? Contact the Office of Public Engagement at